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Robert A. Williams, Sr.Robert A. Williams, Sr.

T.Y.M.E Interrupted

T.Y.M.E. INTERRUPTED is available at and Barnes and Noble.

My novel, T.Y.M.E. INTERRUPTED, is the story of a crew of scientists guarded by a team of specially trained Rangers led by an amazing Commander 3,400 years into the past. Their goal is to recover a mysterious substance that was meteorite fragments found by Pharaoh Ramses the Great. Instead of a reticent and backward people, the time travelers find themselves faced with a vibrant and intelligent civilization, a situation that takes them by surprise. The time machine is sabotaged and the team is incommunicado with their base. Escaping captivity, they flee torture and death, fighting for their lives in hand-to-hand combat against the Pharaoh’s minions. Ramesses is bent on recapturing them and acquiring what he thinks are mysterious powers, but are in reality common 21st century accoutrements.

Reinforcements arrive via the repaired T.Y.M.E. machine, but can they hold out against the entire Palace Guard? Will the hastily formed rescue detachment prevail against overwhelming odds to extricate their fellow Rangers?

The novel begins with adventure that runs through the entire story line. It is replete with sabotage, 20th Century weapons against 1212 BC armaments, hand-to-hand fighting between the Royal Egyptian Guards and 21st warriors armed only with the weapons of the time to defend themselves. A love story evolves between the Commander and Queen Nefretari and is woven through the novel leading to unexpected happenings and a surprising end.


Karis curiously looked up and turned slightly as the huge Sampson rose up behind him and jammed the rod into his neck and out the other side. The torturer had no time for pain to register, except for a gurgle deep in his body. His hands clawed at his throat as Sampson grabbed the protruding end of the gory bar and physically swung Karis up onto the bed of coal…

Nefretari pushed Sampson to his back, said “Shush” then straddled him on her knees and began working on the buttons of his fatigue blouse while mumbling about the strangeness of his garments.

T.Y.M.E Interrupted


I have been an avid reader from the time I was twelve years old. I not only read pulp fiction series, but the classics as well. I still have in my library yellow-paged copies of Doc Savage (written by Lester Dent), the many Martian chronicles of John Carter on Barsoom (Mars) and Podkayne of Mars penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the works of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and many others. You can see that I am steeped in science fiction and that is where my writing has taken me.

Throughout my adult life I have started and stopped dozens of stories and filed them away. Not having much time to devote to my hobby when I worked, retirement freed me to pursue my, then, hobby.

You may contact me at You may wonder at this email address. In Viet Nam we called each other “Booney Rats” because we spent so much time in the boonies (jungle). I would be glad to discuss my journey to publication and the lengthy requirements to that end.


During my Junior and Senior years in high school, like many surfers, I spent most of my time at the So Cal beaches, giving no thought to the War raging in Viet Nam. In 1966 I graduated from high school, a California State Wrestling Champion in my weight class. I was offered a scholarship at CSUN, but instead of taking that option and without any thought of the politics behind the war, I enlisted in the Army, continuing a tradition of my lineage, for pure patriotism.

After boot camp at Ft. Ord, CA, I completed my advanced training in tanks at Ft. Knox, KY. I volunteered to be sent to Viet Nam in lieu of being transferred to Ft. Rucker, Alabama, for helicopter pilot training . At eighteen, I felt indestructible as did a lot of my naïve comrades. In that life or death environment, I matured quickly as I watched my friends fall on both sides of me.

In June 1967, I had the misfortune of driving my armored vehicle over a large land mine. I was very seriously injured. Luckily a helicopter was near and ferried me to the 25th Infantry Division’s main hospital based at Cu Chi. Over the next seventeen months, I was hospitalized in Saigon, the Philippines, and Japan.

The doctors at the base hospital at Ft. Ord tried to repair a shattered knee, elbow, and nerve. After many surgical attempts to repair me, the supervisory medical staff decided to medically/honorably discharge me. l was awarded the Purple Heart and various other decorations. Through Veterans Administration aid, I attended Pepperdine University and earned a Bachelors Degree along with a pair of Associates Degrees.

During this time I married my childhood sweetheart and am happy to say she is still the light of my life. We moved from Torrance to Newbury Park where we raised three loving daughters and a fine son. My two oldest daughters are married and reside in Newbury Park still. Our youngest daughter lives in the foothills near us. We have four incredible grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter. Sadly our son passed away in 2008.

After retiring from Culver City PD, I tested for and was granted a Private Investigators Company license. I worked that a while before we decided to move to the foothills of Yosemite National Park. I continued my PI work (DOWN THE MOUNTAIN) until I was offered a position with the Fresno County District Attorney’s office as a Senior Investigator. In eighteen months I was promoted to Supervising Senior Investigator in charge of the Child Abduction Unit.  In addition I wrote a fair amount of the Office’s operating manual. Five years later I was injured and despite my efforts to stay on the job, I was medically retired.

I live and write here in the mountains with my wife and a bruiser of a Chihuahua named Boliver. My property is a veritable animal preserve, home to a resident bear, herds of mule deer and every other kind of forest animal and bird you could think of. We love the nature and beauty right in our backyard and enjoy a true four season year up here. It makes a fantastic backdrop for my wife’s hobby, photography and a perfect environment for my passion, writing.

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